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X-Ray & ECG at Home

Radiology at SriJiva


SriJiva HealthCare is now able to conduct X-ray at home across India. It’s way beyond convenient for elder patients as they don’t have to travel to hospital or diagnostic centers for the same.


X-ray is now made readily available for you at your home in India. Not just elders, this can be availed by anyone who does not wish to spend extra time in hospitals or diagnostic centers.


Let us do the work and come to you. Along with X-ray we also provide ECG, EEG, sleep studies, Holter test, loop recording and ambulatory BP monitoring services at home. One does not need to take any sort of extra efforts at the crucial stage.


All you need to do is book the service in the application and we will be there.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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